Aldos Barbershop - about me

Aldos Barbershop was established in 2014 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Opened completely from scratch into an empty space that had been empty for six years and has been recently renovated.

Aldos Barber Shop is modern, open and bright and falls outside the conventions of current Barbershops and something you will not see anywhere else. The interior is also part museum, paying homage to Barbering of the past with a historic range of cut throats and clippers.

I sell my own brand of product specifically designed for modern hairstyling which is exclusive to Aldos Barbershop.

Great care has gone into the interior at Aldos Barbershop to make sure you have a pleasant visit. My dad is also a Barber with fifty years experience and i have followed in his footsteps with great success. Why not visit the Barber Shop and see for yourself. You can enjoy a free Espresso or read a book while you wait, hopefully not for too long.

Everybody's lifestyle has changed because of the Pandemic. Visiting times have been a bit erratic as people have been effected in many different ways. Many people are still working from home. Monday and Tuesday are good days to visit the Barbr Shop if you don't like queuing. Thursdays and Fridays are often busy. Don't be put off by Saturdays, they can be very changeable so don't avoid a visit because you think it will be busy.

Feel free to wear a mask if it makes you feel more comfortable. I will happily wear a mask upon request. Aldos Barber Shop is somewhere where you can get a stylish haircut at an affordable price. Click here for more information on my prices. I feel it’s important to remain true to the craft of barbering by using various techniques, not just using clippers to get a client in and out as quick as possible. Your hair should never be compromised by the next customer!

Here at Aldos Barber Shop its about personal relationships. It’s a place where everyone can feel they are the same. I don’t discriminate between boy, man, senior citizen or race. Aldos Barber Shop is somewhere where anyone can walk in and be treated the same. It’s a place to relax, talk or moan about whatever’s on your mind.

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Here are some of the latest pictures. These were taken in September 2021

Barber Chair Scissors Clippers Vintage Picture Frames Vintage clippers cut throat razor
Barbershop Chair Close Up
Antique Bakelite Telephone and Camera Display
Barber Chair and vintage razors
Barber chair black and white floor razor clippers cut throat razor
Aldos Barbershop Shaw Heath Entrance
Barbershop Moose
Barber Shop Waiting area with comfortabe seating
Barber Vintage Display
Proraso Shaving And After Shave
Vintage Hand Clippers and Shaving Brushes